Lack of access to online communication (in the global era) and its contribution to the expansion of social stratification

idan edut - for the open university of Israel - 2016 - Seminar, B.A

How can online communication (in the global era) affect the expansion of social stratification?

The work is based on the sociological research of the Internet - a field of research that includes the examination of the Internet and the digital world as a social concept - in ways in which people rely on technology to create and cultivate relationships, as well as the connection between the Internet and online communication and the culture of modern society.

A sense of "fear" in organizations and its influence on employee motivation

idan edut - for the open university of Israel - 2016 Seminar, B.A

This study deals with the motivations of the behavior of employees in organizations, and examines the influence of 'fear' on the functioning of the workers in the organization.

Using an empirical methodology, this study examines the target audience and focuses on the concepts derived from the research question: If reducing the sense of fear in organizations increases the motivation of employees to work.

This work relies to a significant extent on the research areas of the organizational culture, which defines and defines the values, importance, norms, changes and customs of organizations that determine the patterns of behavior of members of the organizations.

Image as a wall of fortifications - men who perpetuate the Israeli hegemonic patriarchy through

an Orientalist image of Arab women

Idan edut - Haifa University- 2016 - Seminar, M.A

The same ethnography, which is an observation of a healing process in which I chose to investigate the factors that led to healing and affected it in the most significant way, emotionally, behavioral and environmental. This is an examination of how the process of illness and recovery is perceived by three partners in the process, who have different points of view (my companion and writer, my father's blue and my mother's companion and family director). The process is the basis for the analysis of cultural-social interactions between health and illness.

Coling for personalization - how physical and emotional environment adapted to the process of healing

Idan edut - Haifa University- 2016 - Seminar, M.A

This article discusses the tension between the social forces that aspire to preserve existing social arrangements and the social forces and agents that seek to preserve them. The article is based on a series of articles dealing with masculinity and femininity in the Middle East through which I will try to examine that Israeli-Jewish men perpetuate the local hegemonic patriarchy through an Orientalist image of Arab women.

The community of the South Ethiopian "Zaise" - Ethnography - Ethiopia 2017

Independent research - the first social Founded anthropological study in the world - Has become a literary novel

An ethno-graphic summary that was written and edited on the Zaise community in southern Ethiopia. The ethnography was written after an independent anthropological research campaign for unrecorded ethnic groups. The work brings the moods and lifestyle of the Zaise community as it sprouted in an unmediated encounter with them. The work constitutes a fascinating information and documentary base about the group members. This is the first social anthropological ethnography, access and free use.