IDAN EDUT (born 1987) is an Israeli Anthropology student, photographer, researcher and writer who writes on philosophy, culture, emotion and society.


Born in Caesarea and a resident of Jaffa in recent years, holds a BA in sociology and anthropology from the Open University of isreal and in process of master's degree in Anthropology from the University of Haifa. 


He was the director of the informal education system in the artists village of Ein Hod, accompanied delegations and research expeditions abroad, director of community-social projects, one of the founders of Crusoe publishing house - the first social publishing Society in israel, lecturer at the pre-military academy in Jaffa.


Wrote the books "What if good ideas were just lying on the ground?!"  and "School for God’s Children". He teaches the course "Measurements Leadership and Other Gods".

Idan edut

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