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"What if good ideas were just lying on the ground ?!" Is Idan Eduth's first book. It is a fascinating and exciting journey into the world of the People of ideas - the shadow walkers whose mission is to create ideas. This is a fascinating and imaginative story about fate and choice, about imagination and reality, and especially about the idea of love ...

"This is not a casual book. it's not one more book with a provocative plot, designed to convince you that your life is a reasonable one. it's not a book of truths that never happened. even the few who will read it have never happened. it is not a book that will encourage your uniqueness by providing you the access to old and wise sentences written by others. it's not a book aimed at changing your drinking habits by significantly strengthening your need to be thirsty ... "


"School for god's children" is a story about the journey of TJ Hawkas - a researcher of cultures and worlds, a special reporter for "The Next World" - an extraordinary magazine for extraordinary people.

This is his journey to an amazing and unknown land. A journey which may be the latest creation of an aging writer, a writer who does with what he writes as he pleases. Through his words which are stained with ink and coffee the writer weaves a fascinating plot of a philosophical journey. The book deals with the concept of elusive time, the meaning of the way and of course the concept of the divine self.

"He felt that if they spoke to him, they would speak in a language he had never heard but that every part of his body would recognize. A language that would know his limits, his flesh, the moments in which he sought, in which he was an example, in which he jumped with joy and with which he had his greatest lessons..."

״If anyone ever asks who Carpazano is, though there is no reason why this question is destined to be asked. The respondent will nod his head, wait a bit for the good order and old etiquette, and will probably shrug his shoulders. But the answer is a fairly simple one, one that will surely suit people like you, who prefer less risky ideas.״

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