"What if good ideas were just lying on the ground ?!" Is Idan Eduth's first book. It is a fascinating and exciting journey into the world of the idealists, the shadow walkers whose mission is to create ideas. This is a fascinating and imaginative story about fate and choice, about imagination and reality, and especially about love ...

This is no longer a casual book, it is no longer a book full of provocative plot designed to convince the reader that his life a conservative life, it is no longer a book full of truths that never occurred, just as it is not a book that many are happening to read it, it is not a book that will encourage your uniqueness within Providing the old wise sentences written by others, it is no longer a book aimed at changing your drinking habits by significantly strengthening your need to be thirsty ... "

"He allowed the warmth to take hold of him while the music that accompanied his heart pounded his body, his soul, and everything that remained between them, which became marginal and most important in those moments. The blue eyes of the boy sitting next to her made his back straighten, his smile straightening his shoulder blades. He felt that if they spoke to him, they would speak in a language he had never heard but that every part of his body would recognize. A language that would know his limits, his flesh, the moments in which he sought, in which he was an example, in which he jumped with joy and with which he had his greatest lessons. His mind, enveloped in a rich golden wealth, gave him freedom he had never known before. He did not need to ask in order to know their role in his world, the place where he is, the reason why his eyes opened so intensely that he is in with Gods children…"

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