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Crusoe - linking creators to creators.

A special publishing house that operates out of an ideology for the full promotion of the creator and not of the publishing house itself. Without interrupting the creative process, you are invited to choose the right professionals for you. And all at no cost because we as a community believe in an approach of mutual work and a method of taking and giving..!

The publishing house works with a social model that brings together experts, creators, and professional artists. Everyone is happy to stand by new authors in the process of publishing their books/works. The publishing house takes part in the publication of many books and works. The credit and rights remain entirely with them.

קרוזו לוגו חדש שקוף.png

The Cultural Experience - is an independent educational research project that seeks to influence the global travel culture for the better. This is done through the encouragement, support, and accompaniment of research and educational work in the field.

The project aims to connect travelers to cultures around the world and be a bridge of curiosity, learning, and discovery. Be a catalyst for an unmediated encounter with stories, sounds, smells, tastes, sensations, places, and people that make up the culture that surrounds us.

The project is an open invitation to meet and get to know local cultures not just as a distant image. This is an invitation to get out of the worn-out tourist route, to see, hear and feel cultures as they are. This is done through the support, encouragement, and accompaniment of projects, communities, and initiatives that strive for a similar vision.


Melu-lee is a family of talented and exceptional writers who specialize in writing creative academic content. The team consists of writers, editors, content experts, graphic designers, and translators all experienced professionals with extensive knowledge, connections, and our great love for words and accuracy.

Melu-lee accompanies and mentors writers and creators (mostly academics) on a wide range of topics while maintaining availability, patience, and creative thinking. With access, experience, and the ability to make creative links, Melu-lee is a key point and fulcrum for researchers, academics, and field people.

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