"From the other side" - Spain


My study of the indigenous cultures of Latin America, led me to an unmediated encounter with the culture that changed the continent from end to end. I went out to meet the language, the people, and the "other side" of my research up close.

Exploratory research in Mexico and the Caribbean


After completing my research on Indianism in Israel, we set out to draw a map for future research. The aim was to meet the local culture with different eyes from the times before, lay the practical foundations for research and write a detailed field diary. We were in Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

Indianism in Israel


My master's thesis in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Haifa, Israel. For almost two years I traced the phenomenon of Native Americanism in Israel and became part of the local Native American community - which became a significant part of my life.

Research work in Acre


Acre is one of the most fascinating cities in Israel. As part of the research work of Prof. Nimrod Luz (Western Galilee Academic College), I have been touring the city for two years and researching the various layers of its diverse cultures.

Rural France


The villages of France have long attracted me, the quiet way in which the local charm is woven there. The time I spent in the small farmhouses was for me a fascinating glimpse into the local culture. During this time I wrote the book "Karpazano" which will be published soon.

Iceland and the North Pole


The place where the sun never sets was a warmer home for us than we expected. With the taste of the fish and the cold wind behind us, we found ourselves blown away by the magic of these white lands.

Russia and Siberia


Many words can be written about our short visit to Russia and Siberia. It was mostly an unmediated encounter with a world we had learned to forget about.

Delegation to Morocco


I joined to a delegation to Morocco who sought to trace family roots. For almost a month I was lucky enough to meet the local culture despite the great distance that existed between the members of the delegation and the locals. This special experience is what first made me think of the gap between the tourist and the local culture - a thought that will engage me in my research later on.

The Berlin visit


A short visit to the German capital. An unmediated encounter with the local culture.