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Cultural integration through perfect Yunnanise dumplings

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

I'm opening my food recommendations by declaring that I am not a big foodie. In most cases, I will settle for the most basic dish around. I don't need overly complex or vibrant feasts, just a quick bite of something filling. But, along with that statement, I may also add that I've tasted my share of delicious/strange/interesting/exciting foods along my travels. So let's call it a good wall-traveled food recommendation.

And after that introduction... I will take you this time to Doi Mae Salong, a fascinating cloudy tea settlement on the foothills of the Thai-Burmese border. A place with fantastic food, culture, and scenery. Doi Mae Salong is located very close to the border between Thailand and the Yunnanise provinces of China, and it is the best of both worlds. Over the years, the different cultures (the Thai and the Yunnanese-Chinese) have influenced each other in various ways, and you can see and feel it almost everywhere. From the house decorations to this perfect plate of gyoza dumplings.

With two easy gestures to the cooks - who watch Chinese soap operas the entire time - a plate of amazingly-made gyoza dumplings lands on your small table.

create a perfect eating sensation. The dumplings are served with a sauce of vinegar, soy, and a bit of ginger, which makes biting into them even more perfect. A traditional food experience you want to continue experiencing for the rest of your traveling life.

I have tasted many dumplings in my life, Surely on my last journey to the East (Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos). I have never tasted such a simple, accurate, and delicious dish. But more than that, I had never before been able to really taste a presently cultural blend such as this. It was an absolute pleasure, one that I'm already missing.

Attached is the excellent photo that my wife (a very serious foodie) took and a link to the location of the small restaurant where they can be found (on Google maps) in case you happen to be in the area.



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