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A unique photography workshop for photography with a cultural perspective and a wide world view.
The workshop deals with the ability of photographers to discern the cultural nuances and especially the world around us.

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The workshop is suitable for adults and young people, with or without photography experience. The goal is to discover the ability to observe and not just click on the camera buttons ..



The workshop takes place in many places in Israel and around the world. Old JaffaAcre, Wadi Nisnas neighborhood in Haifa, the surprising markets of hof acarmel, the alleys of Jerusalem, Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia and more ...

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People say



"I had a great time. I met amazing people, I saw wonderful places and I learned a lot. Thanks!"



"Wow thank you very much!! It was an amazing and exciting experience. Can not wait to continue filming ..!"



"It was the perfect birthday present!"

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